Biosciences on the Internet - A Students Guide

Dussart, Georges 
John Wiley & Sons  April 2002  

Softcover  XVI, 326 Pages  ISBN 9780471498421      £40.00
This accessible guide explains how to use the Internet to find the latest information in the field of bioscience. It clearly shows readers how to access the information they need on the Internet and make the most efficient and effective use of their time online.

From the contents



Part 1 Teaching and learning in relation to the internet

Approaching the internet

Getting access to the internet

Citation guidelines for the use of internet materials by students

Evaluation of software and web sites

Search Engines


Approaches to preparing a biosciences assignment

Pinching materials from the web

Websites which present the work of students

Part 2 Examples of searches


Examples of a university web site

A typical general search - the wreck of the Sea Empress

Searching a typical government site - mad cow disease

Using the web for bioscience shopping

Whaling - freedom of enquiry

Searching via research groups

Part 3 Final Destinations

An eclectic list of web sites

Websites for the school syllabus


Appendix: Getting the Computer Going




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