An Introduction to Computational Biochemistry

Tsai, C. Stan 
John Wiley & Sons  June 2002  

Softcover  X, 368 Pages  ISBN 9780471401209      £68.00

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to biochemcial principles and the skills required for applying computational tools to practical problems in biochemistry. It also details biochemical structures, enzyme reactions, metabolic simulation, genomic and proteomic analyses, and molecular modeling, as well as demonstrating the broad applications and versatility of computers for use in solving biochemical problems.

From the contents



Biochemistry Data: Analysis and Management.

Biochemical Exploration: Internet Resources.

Molecular Graphics: Visualization of Biomolecules.

Biochemical Compounds: Structure and Analysis.

Dynamic Biochemistry: Biomolecular Interactions.

Dynamic Biochemistry: Enzyme Kinetics.

Dynamic Biochemistry: Metabolic Simulation.

Genomics: Nucleotide Sequences and Recombinant DNA.

Genomics: Gene Identification.

Proteomics: Protein Sequence Analysis.

Proteomics: Prediction of Protein Structures.

Phylogenetic Analysis.

Molecular Modeling: Molecular Mechanics.

Molecular Modeling: Protein Modeling.

Appendix 1: List of Software Programs.

Appendix 2: List of World Wide Web Servers.

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