The Aphid: A Virus Vector DVD

Prof. Dr. Urs Wyss, Dr. Gunnar Mölck, and Dr. Gert Petersen 
APS Press  December 2008  

DVD  ISBN APS 43733      £165.00
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Previously on CD-ROM - Now on DVD - PC and Mac Compatible - Available December 2008

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Due to their rapid development and explosive rate of reproduction, aphids rank among the most important crop plant pests. They extract phloem sap from host plants and excrete the excess in the form of honeydew. In addition, many aphid species damage their hosts by transmitting viruses: aphids are virus vectors. Yield losses due to viral diseases are often more serious than the direct damage due to sap extraction.

The most important vector of plant viruses worldwide is the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae. When it leaves its winter host, the peach tree, it colonizes numerous crop plants, e.g., beets, potatoes, and vegetables, and infects them with various viruses. Other aphids, such as Sitobion avenae, are specific to cereals and transmit the Barley yellow dwarf virus.

In a combination of fascinating macro sequences and 3D animations, this educational film impressively illustrates the life cycle of aphids, their behavior on winter and summer hosts, and their feeding habits. The different behavior patterns during feeding probes and prolonged feeding, which influence the mode of virus transmission (non-persistent, persistent), are presented in clear, lucidly explained video sequences. A paper insert of additional references on the interactions between plant viruses and their aphid vectors during the process of virus transmission is also included.

The Aphid: A Virus Vector addresses a wide audience, including lecturers, students of agronomy, biology, ecology and their related disciplines, as well as governmental and non-governmental advisory bodies, and last but not least, farmers.

Winner of the 2004 Comenius Award!

The oldest German and European Award for excellent educational media, the Comenius Award is given annually by The Society for Pedagogy and Information, a renowned scientific society for multimedia, educational technology, and media didactics. The recipient of this prize is selected in an independent review process according to didactic and scientific merit.

Scientific Advisors
Prof. Dr. Urs Wyss, Dr. Gunnar Mölck, Dr. Gert Petersen,
Institute of Phytopathology, Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany

Virological Advisor:
Dr. H. Josef Vetten
Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (BBA) Institute for Plant Virology, Microbiology and Biosafety

With contributions by:
Hans-Helmut Petersen

Macro photography:
Prof. Dr. Urs Wyss, Maria Wagner

Scientific animations:
Axel Schultz, Sven Rabe

Production Manager:
Nikolaus W. Weissenhorn

Written and directed by
Dr. Trude Hard, Dr. Rolf P. Stumm

Video Production:
STUMM-FILM Dr. Rolf Stumm Medien GmbH

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