Estimating Animal Abundance - Closed Populations (with free software)

Borchers, D.L., Buckland, S.T., Zucchini, W. 
Springer  2nd Print, 2004 (200  

Hardcover  XIII, 314 pp, 91 illus  ISBN 9781852335601      £76.00
The first accessible introduction to the many various wildlife assessment methods! This book uses a new approach that makes the full range of methods accessible in a way that has not previously been possible. Accompanied by free, user-friendly software to get some 'hands-on' experience with the methods and how they perform in different contexts.


Part I. Introduction: Using Likelihood for Estimation.- Part II. Simple Methods: Building Blocks; Plot Sampling; Removal, Catch-Effort, and Change-in-Ratio; Simple Mark- Recapture; Distance Sampling; Nearest Neighbour and Point-to-Nearest-Object.- Part III. Advanced Methods: Further Building Blocks; Spatial/Temporal Models with Certain Detection; Dealing with Heterogeneity; Integrated Models; Dynamic and Open Population Models.- Part IV. Overview: Which Method? Notation and Glossary; Statistical Formulation for Observation Models; The Asymptotic Variance of MLEs; State Models for Mark-Recapture and Removal Methods.- References.- Index.

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