Vitamin E - Food Chemistry, Composition, and Analysis

Edited by Ronald R. Eitenmiller, Junsoo Lee 
Marcel Dekker  May 2004  

Hard Cover  540 pp, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706883      £158.00
An authoritative source on the analysis and optimization of vitamin E in consumer products.

Responding to the increased demand for vitamin E products, this comprehensive reference explores the chemistry, mechanisms, and properties of vitamin E for improved applications in the pharmaceutical, food, feed, and cosmetic industries - highlighting the impact of vitamin E on consumer health and food quality with more than 80 tables of clearly organized analytical data.


Vitamin E: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Nutritional and Health Implications of Vitamin E
Oxidation and the Role of Vitamin E as an Antioxidant in Foods
Dietary Vitamin E Supplementation for Improvement of Oxidative Stability of Muscle Foods, Milk, and Eggs
Stability of Vitamin E During Food Processing
Effects of Food Preparation and Storage on the Vitamin E Content of Food
Analysis of Tocopherols and Tocotrienols in Foods
Food Composition-Vitamin E

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