Effective Information Retrieval from the Internet: An Advanced User's Guide

Edited by Dr Alison Stacey and Dr Adrian Stacey 
Chandos  July 2004  

Hardcover  200 pp  ISBN 978184334 0775      £60.00

Paperback  200 pp  ISBN 1843340771      £40.00

This book provides practical strategies which enable the advanced web user to locate information effectively and to form a precise evaluation of the accuracy of that information. Although the book provides a brief but thorough review of the technologies which are currently available for these purposes, most of the book concerns practical 'future-proof' techniques which are independent of changes in the tools available. For example, the book covers: how to retrieve salient information quickly; how to remove or compensate for bias; and tuition of novice Internet users.

Key Features

  • Importantly, the book enables readers to develop strategies which will continue to be useful despite the rapidly-evolving state of the Internet and Internet technologies - it is not about technological 'tricks'.
  • Enables readers to be aware of and compensate for bias and errors which are ubiquitous on the Internet.
  • Provides contemporary information on the deficiencies in web skills of novice users as well as practical techniques for teaching such users.
  • Provides the reader with a powerful toolkit of Internet techniques.

The Authors

Dr Alison Stacey works at the Learning Resource Centre, Cambridge Regional College, where her recent work has included Internet tuition and research into Internet usage. Dr Adrian Stacey, formerly based at Cambridge University, is a software programmer. Over the past two years he has designed software for research into Internet usage, and he has built and maintained an academic website over the past five years.


Fundamentals of information retrieval from the Internet - why learn web searching technique; types of information requests; patterns for information retrieval; leveraging the technology

Search term choice: pinpointing information on the web - why choose queries carefully; making search terms work together; how to pick search terms; finding the 'unfindable'

Bias on the Internet - importance of bias; sources of bias; user-generated bias: selecting information with which you already agree; assessing and compensating for bias; case studies

Query reformulation and longer term strategies - how to interact with your search engine; foraging for information; long term information retrieval: using the Internet to find trends; automating searches: how to make your machine do your work

Assessing the quality of results - how to assess and ensure quality

The novice user and teaching internet skills - novice users and their problems with the web; case study: research in a college library; interpreting 'second hand' web information

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