Starting A Digitisation Center - Preserving the past, present and future

Cokie Anderson and David C. Maxwell 
Chandos  July 2004  

Hardcover  200 pp  ISBN 9781843340744      £60.00

Paperback  200 pp  ISBN 9781843340737      £40.00

This book provides a complete overview of the digitisation process and how to set up a digitisation center - from the earliest stages of development to putting collections online. It covers the following issues:

  • Essential steps and standards
  • Acquiring the essentials needed for imaging/digitising, including equipment, software, hardware, personnel and housing
  • Finding partners/collaborators (a key issue for smaller institutions)
  • Locating training and online resources
  • Obtaining funding; setting up guidelines, formats, websites and putting collections online

Key Features

  • Stresses the importance of collaboration, tips for finding partners and working with others
  • Serves as a practical handbook - it acts as a manual, and guides readers to finding more advanced resources
  • Focuses on creating a good digitisation center/project with extremely limited funds and/or low budget
  • Also appeals to beginners and smaller institutions

The Authors

Cokie Anderson has been an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University since 2000, and directs the University Library's Electronic Publishing Center. She is one of the founding members of , a collaborative effort by Oklahoma libraries, archives, and museums to digitise cultural materials. David C. Maxwell is the Coordinator at Oklahoma State University Library Electronic Publishing Center.


Getting started - housing; personnel; training
Hardware and software - hardware (pricing and what to look for when buying hardware); software (pricing and what to look for when buying software); personnel; training
The digitisation process - graphic flowchart of the digitisation process; selection of materials; preservation/conservation of originals; standards; information architecture; scanning/re-keying; image manipulation; conversion to electronic text; XML markup; metadata; databases; website design; putting files online; preservation planning
Collaboration - why collaborate; finding partnerships; guidelines and tips for working with others
Obtaining funding - estimating costs; grants; underwriters; cost recovery; sharing expenses
Putting collections online - website design; usability and navigation; accessibility guidelines; audience, purpose and context; publicizing your site; keeping statistics
Preservation - planning for the future
Resources - a guide to useful websites and training courses

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