Polymers from the Inside Out - An Introduction to Macromolecules

Edited by Tonelli, Alan E. and Srinivasarao, Mohan 
Wiley  May 2001  

Hardcover  280 pp  ISBN 9780471381389      £88.00
The study of polymers covers long, chain-like arrangements of chemically bonded monomers, including such biopolymers as proteins, DNA, and starch as well as industrial polymers such as polyester, nylon, and rubber. This book discusses the structure, synthesis, physical properties, and utility of polymers.


Chapter Summary.

  • Introduction.
  • Step-Growth Polymerization.
  • Chain-Growth Polymerization.
  • The Microstructures of Polymers.
  • The Conformational Characteristics of Polymers.
  • Solution Properties of Polymers.
  • Bulk Properties of Polymers.
  • Naturally Occurring Biopolymers.


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