Lake and Reservoir Management

Edited by E. Jorgensen, H. Loffler, W. Rast, M. Straskraba 
Elsevier  2004  

Hardbound  430pp  ISBN 9780444516787      £120.00

Lake and reservoir management is very complex and it is not easy to understand all the problems connected with lake and reservoir management. This book not only presents good lake management strategy but also explains the strategy by the use of limnology, chemistry, biochemistry - using all scientific disciplines needed to understand lake problems, lake processes and the tools that can be applied to solve lake management problems. It should be underlined that the volume is not a textbook in limnology, but that it focuses on management of lake problems and their solution. It can be considered a high level textbook in lake management.


Preface. 1. Lakes and reservoirs as water resources. 2. Lake and reservoir water uses and abuses. 3. Evaluating lake and reservoir water quality. 4. Measures for improving water quality. 5. The use of mathematical modelling in lake and reservoir management. 6. Management of reservoirs. 7. Integrated lake and reservoir management. 8. Development of water quality management strategy. 9. Lake and reservoir case studies. 10. Synopsis. Subject index.

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