Microbial Pest Control

Sushil K Khetan 
Marcel Dekker  2000  

312 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780824704452      £133.00
This book offers a complete overview of the technologies and products for microbial-based pest control. It documents the use of genetically altered Bt and transgenic crops, microbial formulations, and synergistic interactions of microbials with synthetic chemicals, as well as the management of Bt foliar applications and Bt genes in transgenic crops. Other chapters cover viral insecticides, biofungicides, bioherbicides and mycoinsecticides as well as considering the integrated use and commercialisation of biopesticides. It also includes case studies, an index of pests and pathogen, product lists and manufacturers indexes.


Bacterial insecticides:
bacterial insecticide - Bacillus thuringiensis;
bacterial insecticides for crop and forest protection and insect vector control;
genetically modified Bt strains and Bt transgenic plants;
formulations of bacterial insecticides;
insect resistance to Bt toxins.

Viral insecticides, biofungicides, bioherbicides, and mycoinsecticides:
natural and recombinant viral insecticides;

Integrated use and commercialization of biopesticides:
integrated use of biopesticides with synthetic chemical pesticides;
commercialization of biopesticides

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