Solvent Extraction Principles and Practice - 2nd Edition

Edited by Jan Rydberg, Mike Cox, Claude Musikas, Gregory R. Choppin 
Marcel Dekker  2004  

Hard Cover  480 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780824750633      £130.00
A complete and up-to-date presentation of the fundamental theoretical principles and many applications of solvent extraction, this enhanced Second Edition includes new coverage of the latest developments in solvent extraction processes, the use of solvent extraction in analytical applications and waste recovery, and computational chemistry methods for modeling the solvent extraction of metal ions.


Introduction to Solvent Extraction
Michael Cox and Jan Rydberg
Principles of Solubility and Solutions
Yizhak Marcus
Complexation of Metals
Gregory R. Choppin
Solvent Extraction Equilibria
Jan Rydberg, Gregory R. Choppin, Claude Musikas, and Tatsuya Sekine
Solvent Extraction Kinetics
Pier Roberto Danesi
Ionic Strength Corrections
Ingmar Grenthe and Hans Wanner
Development of Industrial Solvent Extraction Processes
Gordon M. Ritcey
Principles of Industrial Solvent Extraction
Philip J. D. Lloyd
Engineering Design and Calculation of Extractors for Liquid-Liquid Systems
Eckhart F. Blass
Extraction of Organic Compounds
Ronald Wennersten
Solvent Extraction in Hydrometallurgy
Michael Cox
Solvent Extraction in Nuclear Science and Technology
Claude Musikas, Wallace W. Schulz, and Jan-Olov Liljenzin
Analytical Applications of Solvent Extraction
Manuel Aguilar, José Luis Cortina, and Ana María Sastre
The Use of Solvent Extraction in the Recovery of Waste
Michael Cox and Hans Reinhardt
Recent Advances in Solvent Extraction Processes
Susana Pérez de Ortiz and David Stuckey
Computational Chemistry in Modeling Solvent Extraction of Metal Ions
Jerzy Narbutt and Marian Czerwinski
Index of Compounds

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