Eat or be Eaten - Predator Sensitive Foraging Among Primates

Edited by Lynne E. Miller 
Cambridge University Press  April 2002  

Paperback  310 pages, 37 diagrams, 28 tables  ISBN 9780521011044      £54.00

Hardback  310 pages, 37 diagrams, 28 tables  ISBN 9780521804516      £112.00
Predator sensitive foraging represents the strategies that animals employ to balance the need to eat against the need to avoid being eaten. Ecologists working with a wide range of taxa have developed sophisticated theoretical models of these strategies, and have produced elegant data to test them. However, only recently have primatologists begun to turn their attention to this area of research. This volume brings together primary data from a variety of primate species living in both natural habitats and experimental settings, and explores the variables that may play a role in primates€ behavioural strategies. Taken together, these studies demonstrate that predator sensitive foraging is relevant to many primates, of various body sizes and group sizes and living in different environments. Eat or be Eaten encourages further discussion and investigation of the subject. It will make fascinating reading for researchers and students in primatology, ecology and animal behaviour.

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