Encyclopedia of Volcanoes

Edited by Haraldur Sigurdsson, Bruce Houghton, Hazel Rymer, John Stix, Steve McNutt 
Academic Press  2000  

Hardbound  1417pp  ISBN 9780126431407      £82.00
Volcanoes are unquestionably one of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring features of the physical world. Our paradoxical fascination with them stems from their majestic beauty and powerful, if sometimes deadly, destructiveness. Notwithstanding the tremendous advances in volcanology since ancient times, some of the mystery surrounding volcanic eruptions remains today. The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes summarizes our present knowledge of volcanoes. Through its thematic organization around the melting of the earth, it provides a comprehensive source of information on the multidisciplinary influences of volcanic eruptions--both the destructive as well as the beneficial aspects. The majority of the chapters focus on the geoscience-related aspects of volcanism (radioactive heat source, melting rock, ascent of magma, surface phenomena associated with exiting magma, extraterrestrial volcanism, etc.). In addition, complementary chapters discuss the multidisciplinary aspects of volcanism; these include the history of volcanology, geothermal energy resources, interaction with the oceans and atmosphere, health aspects of volcanism, mitigation of volcanic disasters, post-eruption ecology, and the impact of eruptions on organismal biodiversity. In addition to its appeal to educators, students, and professional and amateur scientists, the Encyclopedia of Volcanoes functions as an important information resource for administrators and officials responsible for developing and implementing volcanic hazard mitigation around the world.


R.D. Ballard, Foreword. Origin and Transport of Magma: H. Sigurdsson, B. Houghton, H. Rymer, J. Stix, and S. McNutt, Introduction. H. Sigurdsson, The History of Volcanology. R. Jeanloz, Mantle of the Earth. P. Asimov, Melting the Mantle. M. Daines, Migration of Melt. M. Perfit and J. Davidson, Tectonics and Volcanism. N.W. Rogers and C.J. Hawkesworth, Composition of Magmas. T.L. Grove, Origin of Magmas. P.J. Wallace and A.T. Anderson, Volatiles in Magmas. F.J. Spera, Physical and Thermodynamic Properties of Magmas. B.D. Marsh, Reservoirs of Magma and Magma Chambers. M.J. Rutherford and J. Gardner, Rates of Magma Ascent. C. Carrigan, Plumbing Systems. C. Jaupart, Magma at Shallow Levels. Eruption: T. Simkin and L. Siebert, Active Volcanoes on the Earth. D.M. Pyle, Sizes of Volcanic Eruptions. H. Sigurdsson, Episodes of Volcanism. Effusive Volcanism: G.P.L. Walker, Basaltic Volcanoes and Volcanic Systems. C. Kilburn, Lava Flows. J. Fink and S. Anderson, Domes and Coulees. J. Wolff and J. Sumner, Spatter-Fed Lavas and Fire-Fountaining. C. Conner and M. Conway, Basaltic Volcanic Fields. P. Hooper, Flood Basalt Provinces. R. Batiza and J. White, Submarine Lavas and Hyaloclastite. R. Schmidt and H.-U. Schmincke, Seamounts, Submarine Volcanoes, and Volcanic Islands. J. Smellie, Sub-Glacial Eruptions. Explosive Volcanism: Cashman, B. Sturtevant, P. Papale, and O. Navon, Magmatic Fragmentation. M.M. Morrisey, B. Zimoriski, K. Wohletz, and R. Buettner, Phreatomagmatic Fragmentation. S. Vergniolle and M. Mangan, Strombolian and Hawaiian Eruptions. M.M. Morrissey and L.G. Mastin, Vulcanian Eruptions. Cioni, P. Marianelli, R. Santecroce, and A. Sbrana, Plinian Eruptions. J.D.L. White and B. Houghton, Pyroclastic Eruptions. B.F. Houghton, C.J.N. Wilson, R.T. Smith, and J.S. Gilbert, Phreatoplinian Eruptions. S. Carey and M.I. Bursik, Volcanic Plumes. C.J.N. Wilson and B.F. Houghton, Pyroclastic Transport and Deposition. B.F. Houghton, C.J.N. Wilson, and D.M. Pyle, Fall Deposits. G. Valentine and R.V. Fisher, Deposits of Surges and Directed Blasts. A. Freundt, S.N. Carey, and C.J.N. Wilson, Ignimbrites and Deposits of Block-and-Ash Flows. J.W. Vallance, Lahar Deposits. T. Ui and M. Yoshimoto, Debris Avalanche Deposits. S. Carey, Volcaniclastic Sedimentation Around Island Arces. P.W. Lipman, Calderas. J.P. Davidson and S. Da Silva, Composite Cones. D. Vespermann and H.U. Schmincke, Scoria Cones and Tuff Rings. Extraterrestrial Volcanism: P.D. Spudis, Volcanism on the Moon. R. Lopes-Gautier, Volcanism on IO. L. Crumpler, Volcanism on Venus. J.R. Zimbelman, Volcanism on Mars. P. Geissler, Cryovolcanism in the Outer Solar System. Volcano Interactions: P. delMelle and J. Stix, Volcanic Gases. F. Goff and C. Janik, Geothermal Systems. P. Browne and M. Hochstein, Surface Manifestations. D. Butterfield, Submarine Hydrothermal Vents. P. delMelle and A. Bernard, Volcanic Lakes. N.C. White and R.J. Harrington, Mineral Deposits Associated with Volcanism. Volcanic Hazards: T.P. Miller and T.J. Casadevall, Volcanic Ash Hazards to Aviation. M.J. Mills and O.B. Toon, Volcanic Aerosol and Global Atmospheric Effect. S. Nekada, Hazards from Pyroclastic Flows and Surges. D. Peterson and R.I. Tilling, Lava Flow Hazards. K. Rodolfo, Lahars and Jokulhlaup Hazards. H. Rymer and G. Williams-Jones, Volcanic Gas Hazards. J.E. Beget, Volcanic Tsunamis. S.R. McNutt, Volcanic Seismicity. P. Baxter, Impacts of Eruptions on Human Health. M. Arthur, The Volcanic Contribution to the Sulfur and Carbon Geochemical Cycle. I. Thornton, The Ecology of Volcanoes-Biological Recovery and Colonization. M. Rampino and S. Self, Volcanism and Biotic Extinction. Eruption Response and Mitigation: S.R. McNutt, Seismic Monitoring. J.B. Murray, C.A. Locke, and H.Rymer, Ground Deformation, Gravity, and Magnetics. J. Stix and H. Gaonach, Gas, Plume, and Thermal Monitoring. S. McNutt, J. Stix, and H. Rymer, Synthesis of Volcano Monitoring. C. Newhall, Volcano Warnings. S. de la Cruz, R. Quaas, and R. Meli, Volcanic Crisis Management. R. Blong, Volcanic Hazards and Risk Management. D. Johnson and K. Ronan, Risk Education and Intervention. Economic Benefits and Cultural Aspects of Volcanism: S. Arnorsson, Exploitation of Geothermal Resources. C-l. Ping, Volcanic Soils. J. Dehn and S.R. McNutt, Volcanic Materials for Commerce and Industry. H. Sigurdsson and R. Lopes-Gautier, Volcanoes and Tourism. S. Harris, Archaeology and Volcanism. H. Sigurdsson, Volcanoes in Art. H. Sigurdsson and R. Lopes, Volcanoes in Literature and Film. Appendices: Units and Physical Properties of the Earth; Volcanoes of the Earth.

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