Introduction to Environmental Soil Physics

Daniel Hillel 
Academic Press  2003  

Hardbound  494pp  ISBN 9780123486554      £54.00
An abridged, student-oriented edition of Hillel's earlier published Environmental Soil Physics, this is a more succinct elucidation of the physical principles and processes governing the behavior of soil and the vital role it plays in both natural and managed ecosystems. The textbook is self-contained and self-explanatory, with numerous illustrations and sample problems. Based on sound fundamental theory, the textbook leads to a practical consideration of soil as a living system in nature and illustrates the influences of human activity upon soil structure and function. Students, as well as other readers, will better understand the importance of soils and the pivotal possition they occupy with respect to careful and knowledgeable conservation.


Preface Part I: Basic Relationships 1. Soil Physics and Soil Physical Characteristics 2. Water Properties in Relation to Porous Media Part II: The Solid Phase 3. Particle Sizes, Shapes, and Specific Surface 4. Clay, the Colloidal Component 5. Soil Structure and Aggregation Part III: The Liquid Phase 6. Water Content and Potential in the Soil 7. Water Flow in Saturated Soil 8. Water Flow in Unsaturated Soil 9. Solute Movement and Soil Salinity Part IV: The Gaseous Phase 10. Gas Content and Composition in the Soil 11. Gas Movement and Exchange with the Atmosphere Part V: Composite Phenomena 12. Temperature and Heat Flow in the Soil 13. Stress, Strain, and Strength of Soil Bodies Part VI: The Field Water Cycle14. Water Entry into Soil 15. Surface Runoff and Water Erosion 16. Redistribution and Retention of Water in Soil 17. Groundwater Drainage and Pollution 18. Evaporation from Bare Soil and Wind Erosion Part VII: Soil-Plant-Water Relations 19. Plant Uptake of Soil Moisture 20. Water Balance and Energy Balance in the Field 21. Irrigation and Water Use Efficiency Bibliography Index

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