Environmental Contaminants

Daniel Vallero 
Academic Press  2004  

Hardbound  832pp  ISBN 9780127100579      £68.00
This book serves as a tool for environmentalists to produce technically sound and reproducible scientific evidence. It identifies ways to clean up environmental problems in air, water, soil, sediment and living systems. Ethical issues, environmental management, and professionalism, and environmental economics problems are illustrated to assist the reader in understanding and applying quantitative analysis of environmental problems.


Part 1: An Environmental Primer: 1.Scientific and Engineering Perspectives of Environmental Risk 2.Fundamentals of Science and Engineering 3.Environmental Information 4.Environmental Hazards and Risks Part 2: Solving Environmental Problems 5.Air Pollution Problems and Solutions 6.Wastewater and Drinking Water Problems and Solutions 7.Solid Waste Problems and Solutions 8.Hazardous Waste Problems and Solutions Part 3: The Environmental Professional 9.Ethics Case Studies 10.Environmental Economics 11.Communicating Environmental Risk 12.Environmental Management Appendices

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