Handbook of Water Analysis - 2nd edition

Edited by Leo M L Nollet 
Marcel Dekker  June 2007  

Hardback  784 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780849370335      £191.00
  • Provides a summary of the current analytical techniques for water samples
  • Presents information in more than 300 tables, graphs, and charts for easy reference
  • Gives several sample preparation techniques for extracting phenolic compounds
  • Discusses sample collection, storage, preservation, pre-treatment, and instrumental techniques
  • Explains the parameters and assays involved in organic pollution

Extensively revised and updated, Handbook of Water Analysis, Second Edition provides current analytical techniques for detecting compounds in water samples. Maintaining the detailed and accessible style of the original, this edition demonstrates water sampling and preservation methods by enumerating different ways to measure chemical and radiological characteristics and giving step-by-step descriptions of separation, residue determination, and clean-up techniques for a variety of fresh- and salt-water. It reveals new information regarding the analysis of endocrine disrupting compounds and residues of plastics and contains four new chapters on acrylamide, trihalomethanes, phthalates, and volatile organic compounds in water.

By organizing data into more than 300 tables, graphs, and charts, and supplementing the text with equations and illustrations, the editor distills a wealth of knowledge into a single accessible reference. Contributions from notable international scientists cover sampling methods, the treatment of data, and analyses of specific compounds, their assessment, and their toxicological, chemical, and environmental properties.

The book summarizes problems with radionucleotides in the environment, presents techniques for measuring isotopes in water, explains analytical methods for detecting sulfur compounds, and provides practical guidelines and protocols for identifying the chemistry, occurrence, and significance of surfactants in water. It describes traditional distillation and gas-chromatography, including extraction and derivation steps, and the use of ion chromatography and capillary electrophoresis. It also highlights new methods for separating organic nitrogen compounds and discusses techniques for identifying metals, silicon, and asbestos in water samples.

Offering up-to-date analytical techniques in an easily accessible format, Handbook of Water Analysis, Second Edition provides an essential reference on the detection of contaminants in water.


  • Sampling Methods in Surface Waters, M. Mortimer, J. Müller, and M. Liess
  • Methods of Treatment of Data, R. Leardi
  • Radioanalytical Methodology for Water Analysis, J.S. Alvarado
  • Bacteriological Analysis of Water, P. Chigbu and D. Sobolev
  • Marine Toxins Analysis, L.M. Botana, A. Alfonso, C. Louzao, M.R. Vieytes, and M.R. Velasco
  • Halogens, G. Nagy and L. Nagy
  • Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in Water, L. Coll and L.M.L. Nollet
  • Phosphates, P. Monbet and I.D. McKelvie
  • Cyanides, M. Noroozifar
  • Asbestos in Water, J.S. Webber
  • Heavy Metals, Major Metals, Trace Elements, J.E. Marcovecchio, S.E. Botté, and R.H. Freije
  • Determination of Silicon and Silicates, S.M. Sultan
  • Main Parameters and Assays Involved with Organic Pollution of Water, C.E. Domini, L. Vidal, and A. Canals
  • Determination of Organic Nitrogen and Urea, S. Cozzi and M. Giani
  • Organic Acids, S. Peldszus
  • Determination of Phenolic Compounds in Water, T. Berhanu and J. Ĺ. Jönsson
  • Characterization of Freshwater Humic Matter, J. Peuravuori and K. Pihlaja
  • Analysis of Pesticides in Water, E.B. Tribaldo
  • Fungicide and Herbicide Residues in Water, S. Bogialli and A. Di Corcia
  • Polychlorobiphenyls, A. Ceccarini and S. Giannarelli
  • Determination of PCDDs and PCDFs in Water, L. Turrio-Baldassarri, A.L. Iamiceli, and S. Alivernini
  • Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons, C. Anyakora
  • Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water, I.P.R. Falcó and M.N. Moya
  • Analysis of Surfactants in Samples from the Aquatic Environment, B. Thiele and L.M.L. Nollet
  • Analysis of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Water, G.G. Ying
  • Residues of Plastics, C. Sablayrolles, M. Montréjaud-Vignoles, M. Treilhou, and L.M.L. Nollet
  • Index
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