Organic Metal and Metalloid Species in the Environment - Analysis, Distribution, Processes and Toxicological Evaluation

Edited by Hirner, Alfred V.; Emons, Hendrik 
Springer  2004  

Hardcover  XVIII, 328 pp, 85 illus  ISBN 9783540208297      £107.00
Subsequent to the profiling of organometal(loid) compounds in important biogeogenic and anthropogenic deposits, the importance of this class of compounds for human health are evaluated by the analysis of both physicochemical and biological formation, distribution and transformation processes. Multidisciplinary articles written by experts from disciplines as diverse as biogeochemistry, ecotoxicology, analytical chemistry, microbiology and genetics estimate the global levels of biogeogenic and anthropogenic emissions of organometal(loid) compounds, and thus obtain an insight to processes which influence the genesis, as well as the distribution and stability of organometal(loid) species and their interaction with each other and other matrix compounds. The authors evaluate various environmentally relevant sources from a toxicological point of view, in order to identify potential "hot spots" of organometal(loid)s, which can negatively influence ecosystems and human health.

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Springer : Summer 2004 : biogeography : chemistry : environmental science : remediation : toxicology

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