Edited by Zhong, Jian-Jiang 
Springer  2004  

Hardcover  XIII, 329 pp, 162 illus  ISBN 9783540205012      £117.00
Advances in bioproducts manufacturing such as the production of the anticancer drug paclitaxel by large-scale plant cell culture, submerged cultivation of medicinal mushrooms, and monoclonal antibody production are reflected. Interactions among molecular, cellular and process engineering aspects in industrial fermentations are discussed, and application of fuzzy control and fuzzy neural networks to practical production and the biomedical area are shown. For sustainable development and green processing, production of lactic acid from paper sludge, production of a generic fermentation feedstock from wheat, and fabrication and application of whole-cell based biosensors in the environment are also demonstrated.

H. Tabata: Paclitaxel Production by Plant Cell Culture Technology.- J.J. Zhong, Y.-J. Tang: Submerged Cultivation of Medicinal Mushrooms for Production of Valuable Bioactive Metabolites.- S.-T. Yang, J. Luo, C. Chen: A Fibrous-Bed Bioreactor for Continuous Production of Monoclonal Antibody by Hybridoma.- S. Zhang, J. Chu, Y. Zhuang: A Multi-Scale Study on Industrial Fermentation Processes and Their Optimization.- H. Honda, T. Kobayashi: Industrial Application of Fuzzy Control in Bioprocess.- S.-M. Lee, J. Lin, Y.-M. Koo: Production of Lactic Acid from Paper Sludge Using Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation.- C. Webb, A.A. Koutinas, R. Wang: Developing a Sustainable Bioprocessing Strategy Based on a Generic Feedstock.- M.B. Gu, R.J. Mitchell, B.C. Kim: Whole Cell-Based Biosensors for Environmental Biomonitoring and Application.

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