Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names

Eggli, Urs, Newton, Leonard E. 
Springer  2004  

Hardcover  XVIII, 266 pp  ISBN 9783540004899      £90.00
The Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names explains the meanings of the scientific names given to all known succulent plants, including cacti. With the derivation of the currently accepted names of over 10,000 taxa, the dictionary is a useful supplement to the "Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants". It is a valuable reference for plant scientists, horticulturists, and hobbyists with an interest in succulent plants.

Covers species and genera names from "aageodontus" to "zygosicyos"

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Springer : Summer 2004 : etymology : extremophiles : horticulture : plant science : taxonomy

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