Global Ecodynamics: A Multidimensional Analysis

Kondratyev, K.Y., Krapivin, V.F., Savinykh, V.P., Costas, V.A. 
Springer  June 2004  

Hardcover  500pp  ISBN 9783540204763      £134.00
The authors open with a general survey of contemporary global ecodynamics, including its basic components. They then discuss the greenhouse effect problems in the context of global carbon cycle dynamics, moving on to a detailed consideration of land ecosystem changes which considers a general global cycle model. The next chapters comprise a further generalisation of air-sea exchange models and their use in the context of the global carbon cycle, providing an analysis of high-latitude environmental dynamics in the context of global scale processes, and discuss basic aspects of global environmental changes modelling and relevant monitoring systems. The authors close with society systems with particular emphasis on the problems of sustainable development.


1. Global ecodynamics,- 2. Greenhouse effect problems,- 3. Land ecosystems and global ecodynamics,- 4. Global environment change and world ocean,- 5. High-latitude environment and global ecodynamics,- 6. Global bio-geochemical cycles change,- 7. Global environmental changes modelling,- 8. Global climate change and geoinformation monitoring,- 9. Basic functions of environmental monitoring systems,- 10. Satellite monitoring of global environmental dynamics,- 11. Global dynamics of nature-society systems

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Springer : Summer 2004 : biogeography : carbon cycle : climate change : ecology : environmental impact : sustainable development

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