Soil Biochemistry, Volume 10

Edited by Jean-Marc Bollag and G Stotzky 
Marcel Dekker  2000  

Hardcover  548 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780824788346      £170.00
Volume 10 of this continuing series explores the most complex microbial ecosystem providing definitive reviews of recent developments in soil science. It presents new techniques of chemical analysis and refinements of environmental protection measures as well as considering methods for maximizing agricultural yields. The book also covers a wide range of biochemical processes and practical applications of advanced biotechnologies.


  • Anaerobic biodegradation of halogenated aromatic pesticides - influence of alternate electron acceptors;
  • anaerobic microbiology in waterlogged rice fields;
  • silylation of soil organic matter - extraction of humic compounds and soil-bound residues;
  • mechanism of protein adsorption on surfaces and consequences for soil extracellular enzyme activity;
  • role of biomolecules in the formation and reactivity towards nutrients and organics of variable-charge minerals and
  • organo-mineral complexes in soil environment;
  • the plate method as a tool for delineating the microbial world in soil;
  • characterization of the soil microbiota with quinone profile;
  • genetic ecology of soybean bradyrhizobia;
  • recent advances in the use of fungi in environmental remediation and biotechnology;
  • biogeochemistry of Mediterranean forest ecosystems - a case study;
  • microbiodiversity of soils and its impact on public health and ecological processes;
  • interfaces of soil biology with archaeological investigations.
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