Molecular Biology of Weed Control

Jonathan B Gressel 
CRC Press  2002  

Hardback  520pp  ISBN 9780415266420      £120.00
Weeds are widely recognized as a major constraint to food production. They diminish harvests and, with an ever-increasing world population, the need for effective weed control is greater than ever. Molecular Biology of Weed Control assesses the impact of the new tools of molecular biology on the science of weed control as well as the ways in which the science of weed control has helped and influenced molecular biology. This book describes how weed biologists and ecologists are beginning to use these tools and discusses past successes and failures as well as taking a look at the future prospects for weed control.

Providing an extensive review of the molecular aspects of the evolution of herbicide resistance in weeds and genetically-engineered herbicide resistant crops, Molecular Biology of Weed Control discusses their shortcomings as well as suggesting improvements to future generations of such crops. Accentuating the utility of molecular biology to contribute to the control of intransigent weed species both in the developing and developed world, the book also looks to the future and describes how molecular biology can be used to diminish the use of chemical herbicides, and enhance crop competitiveness for light, nutrients and water.

Taking a multi-disciplinary, open-minded approach to the problems, pitfalls and potential benefits of these new technologies and their applications, Molecular Biology of Weed Control is essential reading for all weed scientists, environmental students, researchers and regulators, as well as anyone else with an interest in the future of crop production.


  • Introduction
  • Molecular Tools for Herbicide Discovery
  • Molecular Tools for Studying Weed Biology, Ecology, and Taxonomy
  • Evolution of Resistance to Herbicides
  • Molecular Biochemistry of Resistances that have Evolved in the Field
  • Generation of Biotechnologically-Derived Herbicide-Resistant Crops (BD-HRC)
  • The Next Generations of BD-HRC
  • Transgene Introgression from Crops to Weeds and its Modulation
  • Modifying Crops and Weeds to Directly Control Weeds
  • Molecular Biology in Weed Biocontrol
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