Eucalyptus: The Genus Eucalyptus

John J W Coppen 
CRC Press  2002  

Hardback  464pp  ISBN 9780415278799      £114.00
Eucalyptus, a genus of over 800 species, is a multiproduct crop par excellence. Not only is it grown for timber, pulp and fuelwood, but, as the Aborigines discovered thousands of years ago, it has numerous medicinal and aromatic properties. Since the first commercial distillation of eucalyptus oil 150 years ago, a vast array of eucalyptus-based products has entered the marketplace, mainly for pharmaceutical, fragrance and flavor use.

Eucalyptus provides an invaluable reference for all those with an interest in Eucalyptus - in academia and industry alike, for researchers as well as producers, processors, importers and end users - but there are also issues discussed and lessons learned that extend to medicinal and aromatic plants.


Part 1. General Aspects
Part 2. Cultivation and Production of Eucalypts Around the World: With Special Reference to the Leaf Oils.
Sources of Eucalyptus Seed.
Estimates of Eucalypt Plantations Worldwide.
Advice to a Prospective New Producer of Eucalyptus Oil or Other Leaf Extractives.
Composition of Some Commercially Distilled Eucalyptus Oils.
Quality Criteria and Specifications of Eucalyptus Oils.
Packaging and Labeling Requirements for the Handling and Transportation of Eucalyptus Oils.
Useful Addresses.

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