Polysaccharide Gums from Agricultural Products: Processing, Structures and Functionality

Steve W Cui 
CRC Press  2000  

Hardback  281pp  ISBN 9781566769341      £170.00
  • Current information on Polysaccharide Gums
  • Functional properties and applications
  • New/potential polysaccharide gums
  • Molecular structure and basic chemistry
  • Processing conditions

This new reference presents the most recent information on new and potential food hydrocolloids originated from agricultural products, including - yellow mustard gum - flaxseed gum - cereals (wheat, barley, oat, and corn)o psyllium fenugreek - soybean. Polysaccharide Gums from Agricultural Products: Processing, Structures and Functionality addresses the basic chemistry, extracting processes, molecular structure, and, most importantly, the functional properties and potential applications of new polysaccharide gums.


Yellow Mustard Gum

  • Introduction
  • Occurrence and Extraction Process of YMG
  • Chemical Composition, Structures and Molecular Weight of YMG
  • Physical Properties of YMG
  • Synergistic Interactions with Galactomannans
  • Applications of YMG
Flaxseed Gum
  • Introduction
  • Occurrence and Extraction Process of Flaxseed Gum
  • Structures and Chemical Properties of Flaxseed Gum
  • Physical Properties of Flaxseed Gum
  • Applications of Flaxseed Gum
Cereal Non-Starch Polysaccharides I: 1-3(1-4)--D-Glucans
  • Introduction
  • Solubility, Extraction and Purification
  • Structure and Chemistry of -D-Glucan
  • Physical Properties: Solubility, Conformation and Rheological Properties
  • Applications
Cereal Non-Starch Polysaccharides II: Pentosans/Arabinoxylans
  • Introduction
  • Processing and Extraction Pentosans
  • Chemical Structure and Molecular Characteristics of Arabinoxylans
  • Physical Properties
  • Functionality and Applications
  • Other Sources: Psyllium, Fenugreek, Maize, Soybean
  • Resources: Psyllium, Fenugreek, Soy Bean and Corn Fiber Gums
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