Handbook of Edible Weeds

James A Duke 
CRC Press  November 2000  

Hardback  256pp  ISBN 9780849329463      £65.00
  • Provides illustrations and detailed descriptions of 100 weeds representing 100 genera
  • Entries contain approved common names, Latin names, practical uses, and distribution (geographic and ecological)
  • Discusses edibility of these weeds
  • Features a lengthy bibliography of edible plants

Handbook of Edible Weeds contains detailed descriptions and illustrations of 100 edible weeds, representing 100 genera of higher plant species. Some of the species are strictly American, but many are cosmopolitan weeds. Each account includes common names recognized by the Weed Science Society of America, standard Latin scientific names, uses, and distribution (geographic and ecological). Cautionary notes are included regarding the potential allergenic or other harmful properties of many of the weeds.


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