Phytochemical Biopesticides

Opender Koul, G. S Dhaliwal 
CRC Press  December 2000  

Hardback  236pp  ISBN 9789058230898      £107.00
In recent years, the development of biological pest control strategies has focused on the chemical profiles of insect-plant interactions. Plants exhibit an extensive range of defensive strategies, which include insect avoidance, deterrence and antibiosis. The need to overcome these vegetative defence responses has driven the evolution of an array of detoxifying mechanisms, which have become the hallmark of the phytophagous insects' chemical ecology.

This volume presents the advances made on phytochemcial biopesticides, covering behavioural, chemical, biochemical and molecular levels of the field. The role of Phytochemicals in integrated pest management is also addressed, whilst discussing the problems and prospects of biopesticides for commercial exploitation. The volume provides a comprehensive overview for graduate students, research scientists and professionals in chemical ecology, insect-plant interactions, phytochemistry, chemistry and biochemistry of insects, and insect toxicology.

Table of Contents

1. Biopesticides Based on Phytochemicals
2. Phytochemicals and Insect Cell Culture Bioassays
3. Role of Microsomal Monooxygenases in Phytochemical/Insect Interactions
4. Phytochemical Actions at Amino Acid Chemosensory Receptors: An Approach to Biopesticides
5. Phytochemicals as Insect Behaviour Modifiers
6. Transgenic Plants Expressing Enzyme Inhibitors and the Prospect for Biopesticide Development
7. Role of Phytochemicals in Integrated Pest Management
8. Potential Uses of Phytochemical Pesticides in Deciduous Temperate Fruit Crops
9. Prospects and Problems in Phytochemical Biopesticides

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