Interactions Between Agroecosystems and Rural Communities

Cornelia Flora 
CRC Press  2001  

Hardback  296pp  ISBN 9780849309175      £70.00
  • Fills a huge gap in the literature on agroecosystems in its combination of a social science perspective, an analysis of agroecosystems, and case studies of agricultural impacts on communities
  • Shows how the globalization of the economy has impacted agroecosystems and how communities have responded
  • Provides case studies of community-based actions that have resulted in the implementation of healthier agroecosystems
  • Addresses social, environmental, and economic sustainability issues

There is an increasing realization among biophysical scientists that human behavior drastically impacts the degree to which sound agroecosystems are implemented. Written by an international team of experts assembled by a leading rural sociologist, Interactions Between Agroecosystems and Rural Communities shows how human behavior impacts agroecosystems both positively and negatively and provides an understanding of alternative ways of working with human communities to increase agroecosystem sustainability.

Through a general overview and a series of case studies, this text demonstrates how changes in the economy influence what local people can do to sustain agroecosystems. It also addresses specific community-based actions located in both temperate and tropical zones in Europe, North America, Asia, Central America, and Latin America that have resulted in more sustainable agroecosystems. With 30 diagrams and illustrations, this volume enables the reader to understand fully the impact of exogenous forces on agroecosystems.


  • Introduction, C.B. Flora
  • Shifting Agroecosystems and Communities, C.B. Flora
  • Altered Landscapes and Transformed Livelihoods: Banana Companies, Panama Disease, and Rural Communities on the North Coast of Honduras, J. Soluri
  • Community Culture and the Evolution of Hog Production: Eastern and Western Oklahoma, C. Mayda
  • Forest Conservation and Degradation in a Subsubsistence Agricultural System: Community and Forestry in Mexico, D. Klooster
  • Community, Fruits, and Vegetables for Export: The Impact on Two Mexican Ecosystems and Rural Communities, M.B. Nock
  • Communities of Interest and Agroecosystem Restoration: Streuobst in Europe, F. Herzog and A. Oetmann
  • Transhumant Communities and Agroecosystems in Patagonia, M. Bendini
  • Farm-Community Entrepreneurial Partnerships in the Midwest, C.B. Flora, G. McIsaac, S. Gasteyer, and M. Kroma
  • A Learning Approach to Community Agroecosystem Management, C. Lightfoot, M. Fernandez, R. Noble, R. Ramírez, A. Groot, E. Fernandez-Baca, F. Shao, G. Muro, S. Okelabo, A. Mugenyi, I. Bekalo, A. Rianga, and L. Obare
  • Bridges to Sustainability: Links Between Agriculture, Community, and the Ecosystem, L.M. Butler and R. Carkner
  • Rural Community Leadership in the Lake Benton Watershed, W. Monson
  • The Winnebago Tribe's Agroforestry Project: Linking Indigenous Knowledge, Resource Management Planning, and Community Development, L.C. Rule, M.B. Szymanski, and J.P. Colletti
  • Innovation in Indigenous Production Systems to Maintain Tradition, M. de Lourdes Barón and D. Barkin
  • Ethnicity, Multiple Communities, and the Promotion of Conservation: Strawberries in California, D.C. Mountjoy
  • Ecobelts: Reconnecting Agriculture and Communities, M.M. Schoenberger, G. Bentrup, and C. A. Francis
  • Afterward: An Optimistic Future Scenario, C.A. Francis
  • Index

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