dsRNA Genetic Elements: Concepts and Applications in Agriculture, Forestry, and Medicine

Edited by Stellos M Tavantzis 
CRC Press  2001  

Hardback  304 pp  ISBN 9780849322051      £133.00
  • Unifies current knowledge of double-stranded RNAs found in fungi, plants, and animals
  • Conveys a clear message to biologists of all fields: dsRNAs are powerful means of modulating gene expression
  • Illustrates that our current knowledge on dsRNA biology might allow us to create solutions for problems ranging from plant disease management to correction of genetic deficiencies in humans

Our understanding of the nature, origin, and biological roles of double-stranded RNA found in fungi, plants, and animals has advanced greatly during the last five years. Because these genetic elements are capable of replication, they can be used to manage fungal diseases of crops, vegetables, turfgrass, fruit, and forest trees using genetic means rather than by environmentally hazardous chemicals. And recent evidence suggests that the presence of small amounts of dsRNA elicits sequence-specific gene silencing, which may lead to the development of treatments aimed at silencing harmful genes causing serious diseases in animals and humans.

dsRNA Genetic Elements: Concepts and Applications in Agriculture, Forestry, and Medicine compiles and unifies current knowledge of dsRNA genetic factors from different biological systems and discusses high-impact applications to agriculture, forestry, and medicine. It is a compilation of the latest advances on dsRNA systems from yeast, filamentous fungi, plants, and animals. This authoritative text is a valuable source of knowledge for a diverse audience from many areas of biology including molecular biology, genetics, and virology, as well as from applied fields in agriculture, forestry, and pharmaceutics.


  • RNAi and Cosuppression: Double-Stranded RNA as an Agent of Sequence-Specific Genetic Silencing in Animals and Plants, Jeffrey A. Norman and Mary K. Montgomery
  • The Double-Stranded RNA-Activated Protein Kinase PKR, Randal J. Kaufman
  • The Double-Stranded RNA Viruses of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Reed B. Wickner, Juan Carlos Ribas, and Anjanette Searfoss
  • The Double-Stranded RNA Viruses of Ustilago Maydis and Their Killer Toxins, Jeremy Bruenn
  • Molecular Basis of Symptom Expression by the Cryphonectria Hypovirus, Patricia M. McCabe and Neal K. Van Alfen
  • Engineering Hypoviruses for Fundamental and Practical Applications, Donald L. Nuss, Baoshan Chen, Lynn M. Geletka, Todd B. Parsley, and Nobuhiro Suzuki
  • Viruses of the Dutch Elm Disease Fungi, Kenneth W. Buck and Clive M. Brasier
  • Double-Stranded RNA Elements Modulating Virulence in Rhizoctonia Solani, Stellos M. Tavantzis, Dilip K. Lakshman, and Chunyu Liu
  • Molecular Genetics of the Viruses Infecting the Plant Pathogenic Fungus Helminthosporium Victoriae, Said A. Ghabrial, Ana I. Soldevila, and Wendy M. Havens
  • Unraveling the Viral Complex Associated with La France Disease of the Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus Bisporus, C.P. Romaine and M.M. Goodin
  • Large dsRNA Genetic Elements in Plants, Pierre Pfeiffer
  • Index
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