Food Security and Environmental Quality in the Developing World

Rattan Lal, David Hansen, Norman Uphoff, Steven A Slack 
CRC Press  September 2002  

Hardback  480pp  ISBN 9781566705943      £133.00
  • Addresses critical issues facing the developing world
  • Deals with global issues using India as a model, including post-harvest losses, water constraints, energy constraints, soil degradation, and climate change
  • Identifies technological options for increased food production while minimizing risks to the environment

Can developing countries meet the food requirements of their growing populations without jeopardizing a natural resource base that is already under great stress?

Can increases in food production achieved in the past two decades be sustained in the next two decades?

Can developing countries achieve freedom from hunger and malnutrition for their entire populations?

How can food security be reconciled with environment quality in an industrializing society?

Leading authorities, from soil scientists to economists, address these critical questions in Food Security and Environmental Quality in the Developing World. With a focus on India, this book reviews the state of natural resources, fertilizer and energy needs, and the potential importance of biotechnology as they affect all developing countries. It then addresses issues pertaining to water quality, agricultural chemicals, and pesticide residues on food. Part Three examines water harvesting, post-harvest food losses, storage and processing of animal products, and sustainability and inequality issues. The next sections deal with poverty alleviation, microfinance, gender equity, policy issues, and the role of the public sector. Finally, the book considers emerging issues and priorities.

Developing countries have achieved an impressive increase in total food production over the past two decades, but at a high cost to environmental quality. As the populations of these countries continue to grow, soil degradation, pollution and contamination of natural waters, deteriorating air quality, and growing dependence on expensive and diminishing fossil fuels become increasing concerns. Food Security and Environmental Quality in the Developing World takes on the crucial challenge of enhancing agricultural production while reversing the alarming trends in soil and environmental degradation.


    Preface, R. Lal, D.O. Hansen, N. Uphoff and S. Slack

    Foreword, L. Brown

    The Century of Hope, M.S. Swaminathan
    Natural Resources of India, R. Lal
    Food Security: Is India at Risk? D. Umali-Deininger and S. Shapouri
    Fertilizer Needs to Enhance Production: Challenges Facing India, A. Roy
    Economic Impacts of Agricultural Soil Degradation in Asia, S.J. Scherr
    Soil Degradation as a Threat to Food Security, R.P. Narwal, B.R. Singh, and R.S. Antil
    Importance of Biotechnology in Global Food Security, P. Jauhar and G.S. Khush
    Energy Inputs in Crop Production in Developing and Developed Countries, D. Pimentel, R. Doughty, C. Carothers, S. Lamberson, N. Bora, and K. Lee

    Environmental Conflict and Agricultural Intensification in India, G. Vasudeva
    Factors Influencing Environmental Degradation and Pollution in India, C. Edwards
    Agricultural Chemicals and the Environment, D. Pimentel
    Applying Grades and Standards of Reducing Pesticide Residues to Access Global Markets, K.V. Raman
    Reconciling Food Security and Environment Quality through Strategic Interventions for Poverty Reduction, A. Seth

    Ensuring Food Security and Environment Stewardship in the 21st Century, S.K. DeDatta
    Water Harvesting and Management to Alleviate Drought Stress, G.W. Frasier
    Post Harvest Food Losses to Pests in India, D. Pimentel, K.V. Raman
    Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products, J.A. Narvhus
    Post Harvest Food Technology for Village Operations, P. Hansen
    Reconciling Animal Food Products with Security and Environment Quality, H.W. Ockerman and L. Basu
    Sustainable Agriculture on a Populous and Industrialized Landscape: Building Ecosystem Vitality and Productivity, R. Harwood
    Poverty and Inequality: A Life Chances Perspective, N. Uphoff

    Global Food Security, Environmental Sustainability and Poverty Alleviation: Complementary or Contradictory Goals? W.B. Lacy, L.R. Lacy, and D.O. Hansen
    Poverty and Inequality: A Life Chances Perspective, N. Uphoff
    Microfinance, Poverty Alleviation and Improving Food Security: Implications for India, R.L. Meyer
    Poverty and Gender in Indian Food Security: Assessing Measures of Inequity, P. Robbins

    Priorities for Policy Reform in Indian Agriculture, P. Hazell
    The Role of Public Sector in Achieving Food Security, G.E. Schuh
    Global Food Supply and Demand Projections and Implications for
    Indian Agricultural Policy, L. Tweeten
    Context, Concepts and Policy on Poverty and Inequality, F.J. Hitzhusen
    Sustainable Development: Some Economic Considerations, A. Randall

    Reconciling Food Security with Environment Quality in the 21st Century, N. Uphoff, R. Lal, D

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