Agronomic Handbook: Management of Crops, Soils and Their Fertility

Edited by J. Benton Jones, Jr. 
CRC Press  October 2002  

480pp  ISBN 9780849308970      £83.00
  • Comprehensive descriptions of the genetic history, yield characteristics, cultural requirements, and nutritional requirements of the major agronomic crops
  • Strong perspective on the relationships among crops, soils, fertility, and fertilizer materials
  • Easy-to-use practical style of presentation
  • Well illustrated with more than 400 tables and figures

Many agronomic reference books either focus on a single crop, several related crops, or specific soil topics but not on a full range of both crop and soil subjects. This unique handbook covers both major agronomic fields. Containing essential data and information on the culture of the world's major agronomic grain, oil, fiber, and sugar crops grown on a wide range of soil types, Agronomic Handbook: Management of Crops, Soils, and Their Fertility serves as a practical reference on the management of crops and soils from planting to harvest.

This handbook provides you with:

  • A list of definitions
  • A glossary of botanical terms
  • Nutrient element requirement levels for the major agronomic crops
  • A list of troublesome weeds
  • A key to nutrient element deficiency syndrome of legumes
  • A summary of the characteristics of the major elements and micronutrients
  • The basic information needed to develop cultural, liming, and fertilizer recommendations
  • Diagnostic procedures for assessing the fertility status of soils and the nutrient element status of plants

Written in the author's trademark, practical style, this handbook describes the genetic history, yield characteristics, cultural requirements, and nutritional requirements of the major agronomic crops; the physical and chemical properties of major soil types; and the composition, formulation, and uses of fertilizers. Crop characteristics are provided including national and international statistics, world production figures, and information on changing crop conditions.

With its wide range of fundamental information on crops and soils, the Agronomic Handbook will be an invaluable reference for those preparing for the Certified Crop Advisor Exam and anyone engaged in agronomic production, study, and research.

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