Handbook of Agriculture

Mari-Paz Yuste and Juan Gostincar 
Marcel Dekker  1999  

Hardcover  768 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780824779146      £127.00
This book provides up-to-date and practical coverage of recent innovations in agricultural science, including soil science and chemistry, chemical and organic fertilizers, fruit tree cultivation techniques, plant cultivation and control of pests, disease, etc, and principles and methods for extensive crops, horticulture, and greenhouses. It contains abundant full-colour photographs and drawings with explanatory captions.


Part 1 Soils: introduction;
solid soil components;
the liquid phase of the soil;
soil chemistry;
artificial soil,
soil disinfection;
cultivation without soil,

Part 2 Fertilizers:
general concepts;
classification of fertilizers;
chemical fertilizers;
organic fertilizers;
application of chemical fertilizers;
application of organic fertilizers;
correcting and improving soils;
deficiencies of nutrient elements.

Part 3 Fruit trees: introduction;
reproduction and propagation of fruit trees;
climate in fruit; cultivation;
the soil;
planting fruit trees;
pruning and training fruit trees;
cultivation techniques;
fertilizer application and irrigation;
flowering, pollination and fruit growth;
disorders of fruit trees;
gathering the fruit;
storage fruit species;

Part 4 Defence of cultivated plants:
introduction; viral parasites;
parasites of plants;
animal parasites;
preventive measures;
control or curative methods;
weed control;
pests and diseases of specific crops.

Part 5 Agricultural techniques in extensive crops:
the use of cereals;
the plant;
cultivation cycles;
soil preparation;
tending the crop;
agricultural mechanics;
storing the grain;
accidents, weeds, diseases and pests;
the main extensive crops.

Part 6 Horticulture:
propagation of horticultural plants;
sowing; soil preparation;
tending the crop; a
pplying fertilizer; irrigation;
application of plant growth regulators;
alternation and rotation in horticultural crops;
harvesting; horticultural produce;
storage of horticultural produce;
characteristics of the main vegetable crops;
in vitro cultivation in horticulture.

Part 7 Greenhouse cultivation: introduction;
protective structures;
the influence of environmental factors on greenhouses;
heating and cooling; cultivation systems in greenhouses;
fertilizer application; irrigation;
fighting pests and diseases - sanitary problems in greenhouses;
international glossary of terms.

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