Pesticide Residues in Coastal Tropical Ecosystems: Distribution, Fate and Effects

Milton D Taylor, Stephen J Klaine, Fernando P Carvalho, Damia Barcelo, Jan Everaarts 
CRC Press  November 2002  

Hardback  576pp  ISBN 9780415239172      £133.00
The coastal tropics comprise some of the most sensitive and yet the most understudied ecosystems in the world. Coastal plains and river valleys are also home to agriculture on a vast scale, and it is not surprising to find that streams and rivers receive the majority of agricultural runoff, carrying the residues of insecticides, fungicides and other pesticides into estuaries and coastal zones. There is a growing awareness of the urgent need to develop strategies to help productive, healthy and economically viable agriculture to coexist with natural resources. Pesticide Residues in Tropical Coastal Ecosystems brings together toxicology experts from around the world to assess pesticide burdens in many of the major food-producing tropical countries. It provides a unique set of case studies, chronicling pesticide usage and its ecotoxicological impact in coastal regions. A practical guide to recent research findings and applications, it is essential reading for environmental professionals, ecotoxicologists, marine chemists and agrochemists.


  • Introduction.
  • Pesticides in the Marine Environment of Ghana.
  • Pesticide Use in Zimbabwe: Impact on Lake Kariba, a Tropical Freshwater Ecosystem.
  • Pesticides in Kenya.
  • Distribution, Fate and Effects of Pesticides in the Tropical Coastal Zones of India K..
  • Pesticides in Bangladesh.
  • Pesticide Use in Malaysia: Trends and Impacts.
  • Distribution, Fate and Impact of Pesticides in the Tropical Marine Environment of Vietnam.
  • Pesticides in the Peoples Republic of China.
  • Ecotoxicology of Pesticides in the Philippines' Aquatic Ecosystem.
  • Pesticides in the Coastal Zone of Mexico.
  • The Use of Pesticide in Costa Rica and Their Impact on Coastal Ecosystems.
  • Pesticides in Colombia: Their Application, Use and Legislation.
  • Pesticide Use in Cuban Agriculture: Present and Prospects.
  • Use, Fate and Ecotoxicity of Pesticides in Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean.
  • Coastal Watershed-Based Ecological Risk Assessment - Gulf of Mexico.
  • Summary.
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