Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems

Edited by Dr. Adel El Titi 
CRC Press  December 2002  

Hardback  384 pp  ISBN 9780849312281      £99.00
  • Provides guidance on cultivation methods for preserving soil and soil ecosystems and at what intensity level tillage methods should be applied
  • Uses current research and data to document the consequences of intensive plowing on soil structure, soil chemical processes, and soil borne pathogens
  • Details the effects of tillage on specific groups of soil biota
  • Contains contributions from internationally renowned agricultural scientists

    Soil tillage is, and will remain, the guiding component of soil management and consequently has far-reaching implications for agroecosystems. Understanding structures and functions of soil ecosystems under different tillage/no tillage practices is an essential requirement for any future farming concepts. Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems emphasizes these aspects in all 12 chapters, highlighting both the short- and long-term effects of soil cultivation practices on the soil ecosystem above and below the soil surface.

    Using the knowledge of soil ecology under natural, undisturbed conditions, the text focuses on how cultivation affects soil and the soil environment. In particular it highlights how methods of soil tillage can influence soil structure, soil chemical processes, soil borne pathogens, and pest species. Covering the aspects of soil tillage on different taxa, the book concludes with a synthesis of the role of soil tillage in securing a sustainable agricultural environment.

    Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems offers a broad and comprehensive view of the interrelations of multifaceted tillage practices and the biological, chemical, and physical components of soil ecosystems. Tillage effects are highlighted within the context of the whole farming system, so as to provide the scientific basis for choosing different tillage options in order to achieve the best possible sustainable base for long-lasting agricultural production.


    • Introduction, A. El Titi
    • Techniques of Soil Tillage, K. Köller
    • The Role of Soil Tillage for Soil Structure, B.Huwe
    • The Soil Microbial Community and Soil Tillage, D. S. Andrade, A. Colozzi-Filho and K. E. Giller
    • Soil Tillage for Sustainable Nutrient Management. C. Pekrun, H. P. Kaul and W. Claupein
    • Implications of Soil Tillage for Crop and Weed Seeds, C. Pekrun, A. El Titi, and W. Claupein
    • Implications of Soil Tillage for Weed Communities, A. El Titi
    • Influence of Cultivation Practices on Arable Crop Diseases, V.W.L. Jordan and J. A. Hutcheon
    • Influence of Soil Tillage on Slugs and Their Natural Enemies, D. M. Glen & W. O. C. Symondson
    • Interactions Between Tillage and Earthworms in Agroecosystems, W. D. Shuster and C. A. Edwards
    • Effects of Tillage on Invertebrates in Soil Ecosystems, A. El Titi
    • Soil Tillage and Epigeal Predatory Arthropods, D. A. Kendall
    • The Synthesis, A. El Titi
    • Index
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