Plant Pathology Concepts and Laboratory Exercises - 2nd edition

Edited by Robert N Trigiano, Mark T Windham, Alan S Windham 
CRC Press  November 2007  

Hardback  576 pp  ISBN 9781420046694      £57.00
  • Features new chapters on in vitro pathology and the care and handling of the microscope
  • Presents a more detailed discussion of disease diagnosis including additional photographs
  • Includes new information on biocontrol, molecular tools and techniques, soilborne pathogens, and host-pathogen interactions
  • Provides a CD-ROM with full-color illustrations to enhance understanding of concepts
  • Includes an extensive glossary and references for supplemental reading

New in the Second Edition :

Revised and updated with new concepts, case studies, and laboratory exercises, Plant Pathology Concepts and Laboratory Exercises, Second Edition supplies highly detailed and accurate information in a well-organized and accessible format. New additions to the second edition include five new topic and exercise chapters on soilborne pathogens, molecular tools, biocontrol, and plant-fungal interactions, information on in vitro pathology, an appendix on plant pathology careers, and how to use and care for the microscope. An accompanying cd-rom contains figures from the text as well as supplemental full-color photos and PowerPoint slides.

Unique Learning Tools

Retaining the informal style of the previous edition, this volume begins each topic with a concept box to highlight important ideas. Several laboratory exercises support each topic and cater to a wide range of skill sets from basic to complex. Procedure boxes for the experimental exercises give detailed outlines and comments on the experiments, step by step instruction, anticipated results, and thought provoking questions. Case studies of specific diseases and processes are presented as a bulleted list supplying essential information at a glance.

Comprehensive Coverage

Divided into six primary parts, this valuable reference introduces basic concepts of plant pathology with historical perspectives, fundamental ideas of disease, and disease relationships with the environment. It details various disease-causing organisms including viruses, prokaryotic organisms, plant parasitic nematodes, fungi, plant parasitic seed plants, and other biotic and abiotic diseases. Exploring various plant-pathogen interactions including treatments of molecular attack strategies, extracellular enzymes, host defenses, and disruption of plant function, the book presents the basic ideas of epidemiology, control strategies, and disease diagnosis.


  • Introductory Concepts
  • Plant Pathology and Historical Perspectives, M.T. Windham and A.S. Windham
  • What Is A Disease? M.T. Windham and A.S. Windham
  • Introduction to the Groups of Plant Pathogens, M.T. Windham
  • Groups of Plant Pathogens
  • Plant Pathogenic Viruses, M.A.C. Langham
  • Mechanical Inoculation of Plant Viruses, M.A.C. Langham
  • Plant-Parasitic Nematodes, J.P. Noe
  • Pathogenicity and Isolation of Plant Parasitic Nematodes, J.P. Noe
  • Plant Pathogenic Fungi and Fungal-like Organisms, A. Brooks Gould
  • Slime Molds and Zoosporic Fungi, S.E. Mozley-Standridge, D. Porter, and M.A. Cubeta
  • Laboratory Exercises with Zoosporic Plant Pathogens, M.A. Cubeta, D. Porter, and S.E. Mozley-Standridge
  • Archiascomycete and Hemiascomycete Pathogens, M. L. Daughtrey, K. T. Hodge, and N. Shishkoff
  • The Powdery Mildews, M.L. Daughtrey, K.T. Hodge, and N. Shishkoff
  • Ascomycota: Pyrenomycetes, Discomycetes, and Loculoascomycetes, K.J. Curry and R.E. Baird
  • Deuteromycota: An Artificial Assemblage of Asexually Reproducing Fungi, R.E. Baird
  • Laboratory Exercises with Selected Asexually Reproducing Fungi, R.E. Baird
  • Smut and Rust Diseases, L.J. Littlefield, Y.H. Li, and D. Hensley
  • Basidiomycota: Fleshy Mushrooms and Other Important and Symbiotic Associations, R.E. Baird
  • Oomycota: The Fungi-like Organisms, R.N. Trigiano, M.H. Ament, and K.H. Lamour
  • Laboratory Exercises with the Oomycetes, R.N. Trigiano, R. E. Baird, and S. N. Jeffers
  • Soilborne Plant Pathogens, B.H. Ownley and D. Michael Benson
  • Laboratory Exercises with Soilborne Plant Pathogens, D M. Benson and B.H. Ownley
  • Parasitic Seed Plants, Protozoa, Algae, and Mosses, M.T. Windham and A.S. Windham
  • Abiotic Diseases, A.S. Windham and M.T. Windham
  • Molecular Tools for Studying Plant Pathogens
  • Molecular Tools for Studying Plant Pathogens, T.A. Rinehart, X.W. Wang, and R.N. Trigiano
  • Molecular Techniques Used for Studying Systematics and Phylogeny of Plant Pathogens, R.N. Trigiano, M.H. Ament, S.L. Finley, R.E. DeVries, N.R. Rowland, and G. Caetano-AnollÚs
  • Plant-Pathogen Interactions
  • Plant-Fungal Interactions at the Molecular Level, R.B. Ferreira, S. Monteiro, R. Freitas, C.N. Santos, Z. Chen, L.M. Batista, J. Duarte, A. Borges, and A.R. Teixeira
  • Testing Blad, a Potent Antifungal Polypeptide, S. Monteiro and R. Boavida Ferreira
  • Detecting and Measuring Extracellular Enzymes Produced by Fungi and Bacteria, R.N. Trigiano and M.H. Ament
  • Host Defenses: A Physical and Physiological Approach, K.D. Gwinn, S.E. Greene, J.F. Green, and D. Trently
  • Disruption of Plant Function, M.B. Riley
  • Epidemiology and Disease Control
  • Plant Disease Epidemiology, K.L. Bowen
  • Host Resistance, J.K. Pataky and M.L. Carson
  • Cultural Control of Plant Diseases, G. Moorman and K.D. Gwinn
  • Chemical Control of Plant Diseases, A.S. Windham and M.T. Windham
  • Biological Control of Plant Pathogens, B.H. Ownley and M.T. Windham
  • Integrated Pest Management, C.A. Hollier and D.E. Hershman
  • Plant Disease Diagnosis, J.M. Mullen
  • Diagnostic Techniques and Media Preparation, J.M. Mullen
  • Special Topics
  • In Vitro Plant Pathology, J. Subramanian and D.J. Gray
  • Proper Use of Compound and Stereo Microscopes, D.T. Webb
  • Appendix 1: Careers In Plant Pathology, A.S. Windham and M.T. Windham
  • Glossary
  • Index
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