Basil: The Genus Ocimum

Raimo Hiltunen, Yvonne Holm 
CRC Press  1999  

Hardback  152pp  ISBN 9789057024320      £89.00

This volume covers all aspects of the biology, cultivation, pharmacology, chemistry and industrial processing of the genus Ocimum. It is the most up to date overview of current knowledge in basil use, and will be an invaluable reference source to those interested in medicinal plants, natural products, pharmacy, pharmacognosy and agronomy.

1. Ocimum: An Overview of Classification and Relationships
2. Production Systems of Sweet Basil
3. Chemical Composition of Ocimum Species
4. Essential Oil of Ocimum
5. Bioactivity of Basil
6. Processing and Use of Basil in Foodstuffs, Beverages and in Food Preparation

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