Living with the Earth: Concepts in Environmental Health Science, Third Edition

Gary S Moore 
CRC Press  May 2007  

Hardback  632 pp  ISBN 9780849379987      £27.00
  • Features new chapters on emerging diseases and emergency preparedness
  • Presents measures of population dynamics with discussions of overpopulation and underpopulation problems
  • Addresses new developments in asthma, cancer, and genetics research
  • Includes PowerPoint slides and a supporting Web site with searchable databases and test bank for instructors
  • Provides detailed illustrations and photographs throughout the text

It's hard to imagine a book more innovative and groundbreaking than Living with the Earth: Concepts in Environmental Health Science, Third Edition. The first edition won the CHOICE award for Outstanding Academic Book and both previous editions became bestsellers in their own right. In all the editions, the author incorporates traditional concepts with new, emerging, and controversial issues.

See what's new and updated in the Third Edition:

  • A chapter on emergency preparedness for environmental health practitioners including a discussion on their roles and operations
  • Measures on population dynamics, the contrasts of various cultural philosophies regarding "overpopulation", and the new problems of "underpopulation" in the developed nations
  • Developments in knowledge of the mechanisms of environmental disease with emphasis on genetic disease and developmental disorders
  • Alternative to chemical pest control
  • Information on the genetic basis of cancer and the roles of behavior and pollution in risk
  • Coverage of the growing problems of asthma and the associated air pollutants as well as newly emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
  • An exploration of the mechanisms of toxicity, with special reference to the immune system and endocrine disruption
  • Hazardous waste treatment, use, and recycling
  • The use of HACCP in assuring food quality, food safety issues, and Food Quality Protection Act
  • Risk assessment and risk management principles
  • A discussion in the change in directions in regulatory compliance
  • An entirely new chapter on Emergency Preparedness fand more specific directions for environmental health professionals in such emergencies
  • Numerous detailed technical illustrations, charts, graphs, and photographs throughout the book to improve visual learning and simplify concepts
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