Insect Transgenesis: Methods and Applications

Edited by Alfred Handler, Anthony James 
CRC Press  2000  

Hardback  424pp  ISBN 9780849320286      £92.00
  • Addresses recent successes in insect transgenesis so that other researchers may utilize this information for use in their work with insects
  • Presents existing methodologies for insect transgenesis with a focus on the practical and theoretical aspects of gene transfer methods
  • Considers the regulatory concerns and requirements for the release of transgenic insects
  • Detailed color photos of insect markers include pigmented eyes and green fluorescent protein expression in selected insects
  • Provides dozens of useful tables and appendices throughout

Imagine scientists controlling the transmission of certain diseases through the genetic modification of mosquitoes. Eradicating harmful insects without the use of pesticides. Or increasing the fertility of some insects who in turn eat harmful arthropods or even a plant pathogen. Those are just a few of the real-world applications of insect transgenesis, which offers substantial benefits to humankind-whether it be in improving agricultural productivity or reducing the spread of insect-vectored diseases.

Insect Transgenesis: Methods and Applications is the first publication to describe in a comprehensive manner the various methodologies available, possible applications, and the risk assessment and regulatory issues involved in this fascinating area of research.

Divided into several areas of interest, the book starts with an overview of the history and methodology of insect gene transfer. The book then examines gene targeting by homologous recombination and recombination systems, and systems for transgenic selection, including visible eye color markers, chemical resistance, and fluorescent proteins. Other sections consider the use of various vector systems to integrate DNA into a host genome or to express foreign genes in a host organism.

The work concludes with strategies for the use of transgenic insects, including examples for agricultural pests and vectors of disease. Of particular interest are the final chapters that discuss risk assessment considerations and governmental regulatory procedures for the transport and release of transgenic insects.


An Introduction to the History and Methodology of Insect Gene Transfer - A.M. Handler

Gene Targeting
Targeted Transformation of the Insect Genome - P. Eggleston and Y. Zhao
Site-specific Recombination for the Genetic Manipulation of Transgenic Insects - Y.S. Rong and K.G. Golic

Transgenic Selection
Eye Color Genes for Selection of Transgenic Insects - A. Sarkar and F.H. Collins Green Fluorecent Protein (GFP) as a Marker for Transgenic Insects - S. Higgs and D. Lewis
Resistance Genes as Candidates for Insect Transgenesis - R. ffrench-Constant and M. Benedict

Viral Vectors
Pantropic Retroviral Vectors for Insect Gene Transfer - J.C. Burns
Densonucleosis Virus as Transducing Vectors for Insects - J.C. Carlson, B. Afanasiev, and E. Suchman
Sindbis Virus Expression Systems in Mosquitoes: Background, Methods and Applications - K.E. Olson
Retrotransposons and Retroviruses in Insect Genomes - C. Terzian, A. Pélisson, and A. Bucheton
Polydnaviruses and Insect Transgenic Research - B.A. Webb
Transposable Element Vectors
Hermes and Other hAT Elements as Gene Vectors in Insects - P.W. Atkinson and D.A. O'Brochta
Genetic Engineering of Insects with mariner Transposons - D.J. Lampe, K.K.O. Walden, J.M. Sherwood, and H.M. Robertson
The TTAA-specific Family of Transposable Elements: Identification, Functional Characterization, and Utility for Transformation of Insects - M.J. Fraser

Symbiont Vectors
Wolbachia as a Vehicle to Modify Insect Populations - S.P. Sinkins and S.L. O'Neill
Bacterial Symbiont Transformation in Chagas Disease Vectors - C.B. Beard, R.V. Durvasula and F.F. Richards

Strategies, Risk Assessment and Regulation
The Application of Transgenic Insect Technology in the Sterile Insect Technique - A.S. Robinson and G. Franz
Control of Disease Transmission Through Genetic Modification of Mosquitoes - A.A. James
Deploying Transgenic Arthropods in Pest Management Programs: Risks and Realities - M.A. Hoy
Regulation of Transgenic Arthropods and other Invertebrates in the United States - O.P. Young, S.P. Ingebritsen and A.S. Foudin

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