Risk-Based Analysis for Environmental Managers

Edited by Kurt A Frantzen 
CRC Press  2001  

Hardback  256 pp  ISBN 9781566703796      £72.00
  • Takes a multi-dimensional view of environmental decision making and the interplay of subjective and objective observations
  • Provides a step-by-step process for defining a problem and managing the assessment process
  • Includes several appendices regarding Risk Communication, Introduction to Knowledge-based Networks, and a Problem Formulation Workbook
  • Offers background information and sources on the practice of Risk Assessment

All corporations must perform evaluations to define the risks to public health and the environment. Your corporation can get the edge by evaluating risk with a process that begins with the "end-in-mind" for the property and that concludes with a cogently communicated argument that addresses the issues. With this in mind, Risk-Based Analysis for Environmental Managers provides scientific strategies and techniques for reducing corporate environment liabilities.

This practical guide provides a new, integrated perspective on the role of risk assessment in managing contaminated properties. It describes how to manage the assessment to impact decision making. The book provides you with a crisp, historical review and background development and an integrated technique called Risk-Based Analysis. This technique includes:

  • A problem formulation tool
  • Situation analysis techniques
  • Risk assessment management
  • Risk management option analysis
  • Guidance on the development of risk arguments and their communication

Working with a foundation of knowledge and strength will enable you to build a creative, value-added position that minimizes the risk potential through cost-effective techniques and returns the impaired property to valuable use. Risk-Based Analysis will help you obtain this goal, and Risk-Based Analysis for Environmental Managers give you the tools you need to use Risk-Based Analysis to its full potential.


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