Applied Wetlands Science and Technology, Second Edition

Edited by Donald M Kent 
CRC Press  2000  

Hardback  472pp  ISBN 9781566703598      £92.00
  • Covers laws and regulations designed to protect and regulate wetland use
  • Contains three new chapters that discuss Mitigation Banking, Watershed Management and Managing Global Wetlands.
  • Provides fundamental information for regulating, identifying, and delineating wetlands
  • Focuses on effective decision making regarding wetland issues

Continuing the tradition of excellence established by the first edition, the Second Edition of Applied Wetlands Science and Technology provides the fundamentals for delineating, identifying, and regulating wetlands. It covers functions and values, ecological assessments, and how to minimize negative impacts on wetlands. The book also presents essential information on wetland creation, enhancement, restoration, and monitoring. Selected management topics include designing and managing wetlands for wildlife, managing coastal marshes, and wetlands education.

Three new chapters in the Second Edition:

- Wetlands Mitigation Banking-discusses the purpose, policy, and technology of mitigation banking
- Watershed Management-covers the most current remediation technology as it pertains to wetlands
- Managing Global Wetlands-describes the classification and management of wetlands throughout the world

Written by wetland professionals, this indispensable guide furnishes extensive information on how wetlands function, how they can be protected, and how they can be managed. Recognizing that each and every situation is unique and requires specific solutions, Applied Wetlands Science and Technology, Second Edition focuses on providing guidelines for effective decision making.

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