The Changing Wildlife of Great Britain and Ireland

Edited by David L Hawksworth 
CRC Press  2003  

Softcover  480pp  ISBN 9780415326810      £55.00

The last major report on the state of the British countryside was written 25 years ago. This volume makes a long overdue assessment of what has happened to biodiversity in the intervening period. How has the outlook changed over the last 25 years? Have concerns expressed then been vindicated by events? What has been the impact of legislation enacted since that time? Has increased public awareness of biodiversity and green issues had an impact? In this first critical stock-check of the islands' wildlife since 1974, specialists in over twenty groups of organisms, from viruses to dragonflies and mosses to mammals, review the factors affecting losses, gains and change. Issues of agriculture, climate, pollution, habitat management, effectiveness of the statutory conservation agencies, legislative measures for species protection and species recovery programs are considered and analyzed. Data capture for the future is highlighted, and the issue of who will do the work is raised. The prognosis is one of ongoing concern.


  • Fifty Years of Statutory Nature Conservation in Great Britain Earl of Cranbrook
  • Flowering Plants Timothy C.G. Rich
  • Ferns and Allied Plants Christopher N. Page
  • Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts Anthony J.E. Smith
  • Larger Fungi Roy Watling
  • Microscopic Fungi Paul F. Cannon, Paul M. Kirk, Jerry A. Cooper and David L. Hawksworth
  • Lichens Brian J. Coppins, David L. Hawksworth and Francis Rose
  • Terrestrial and Freshwater Eukaryotic Algae David M. John, Allan Pentecost and Brian A. Whitton
  • Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae) Brian A. Whitton and S.J. Brierley
  • Diatoms Elizabeth Y. Haworth
  • Viruses Roger T. Plumb and J. Ian Cooper
  • Protozoa Bland J. Finlay
  • Freshwater Invertebrates John F. Wright and Patrick D. Armitage
  • Nematodes Brian Boag and David J. Hunt
  • Mites and Ticks Anne S. Baker
  • Flies Alan E. Stubbs
  • True Bugs, Leaf- and Planthoppers, and their Allies Peter Kirby, Alan J.A. Stewart and Michael R. Wilson
  • Butterflies and Moths Richard Fox
  • Grasshoppers, Crickets and Allied Insects Judith A. Marshall
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies Stephen J. Brooks
  • Land Slugs and Snails Robert A.D. Cameron and Ian J. Killeen
  • Birds David W. Gibbons and Mark I. Avery
  • Mammals Gordon B. Corbet and D.W. Yalden
  • Fishes Alwyne Wheeler
  • Tracking Future Trends: the Biodiversity Information Network Keith Porter
  • Prospects for the next 25 Years David L. Hawksworth and Galleries of Wales, Cardiff, UK, Chris N. Page, Formerly of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, UK, Anthony J. E. Smith, University of Wales, Bangor, UK, Roy Watling, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, UK, Brian J. Coppins, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, UK, David L. Hawksworth CBE, MycoNova, London, UK, Francis Rose, Elizabeth Haworth, Freshwater Biological Association, Ambleside, UK, Roger T. Plumb, IACR-Rothamsted, Harpenden, UK, J. Ian Cooper, CABI Bioscience UK Centre, Egham, UK, Bland J. Finlay, Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Ambleside, UK, John Wright, The Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Wareham, UK, Patrick Armitage, The Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Wareham, Brian Boag, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, UK, David J. Hunt, CABI Bioscience, Egham, UK, Ann Baker, The Natural History Museum, London, UK, Alan Stubbs, Michael R. Wilson, National Museum and Gallery Cardiff, UK, Allan J. A. Stewart, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, Peter Kirby, Richard Fox, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Wareham, UK, Judith Marshall, The Natural History Museum, London, UK, Stephen J. Brooks, The Natural History Museum, London, UK, Robert A. Cameron, University of Sheffield, UK, Ian J. Killeen, Malacological Services, Felixstowe, UK, David W. Gibbons, The Institute of Freshwater Ecology, UK, Mark Avery, The Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Wareham, UK, Gordon. B. Corbett, University of Manchester, UK, Derek W. Yalden, University of Manchester, UK, Alwynne Wheeler, The Natural History Museum, London, UK, Keith Porter, English Nature, Peterborough, UK, Brian Whitton, University of Durham, UK, S.J. Brierly, Environment Agency, Leeds, UK, Paul Cannon, CABI Bioscience UK, Paul Kirk, CABI Bioscience UK, Jerry Cooper, CABI Bioscience UK, David John, The Natural Museum, London, UK, Alan Pentecost, Kings College London, UK
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