Agroecosystem Sustainability: Developing Practical Strategies

Edited by Stephen R Gliessman 
CRC Press  2000  

Hardback  244pp  ISBN 9780849308949      £69.00

  • Presents the results of empirical studies that determine if a particular agricultural practice, input, or management decision is sustainable
  • Provides a clear definition of the ecological foundation of agroecosystem sustainability
  • Covers practical ways of improving or increasing agroecosystem sustainability
  • Includes unique, valuable methods for assessing sustainability
  • Integrates the social and ecological parameters of sustainability
  • Links social and ecological indicators of sustainability

Agroecologists from around the world share their experiences in the analysis and development of indicators of agricultural sustainability in Agroecosystem Sustainability: Developing Practical Strategies. The authors build on the resource-conserving aspects of traditional, local, and small-scale agriculture while at the same time drawing on modern ecological knowledge and methods. They define the relationship between agroecology and sustainable development.

Leading researchers present case studies that attempt to determine 1) if a particular agricultural practice, input, or management decision is sustainable, and 2) what is the ecological basis for the functioning of the chosen management strategy over the long term. They discuss common findings, define the future role of agroecology, and explore strategies for helping farmers make the transition to sustainable farming systems.

Preserving the productivity of agricultural land over the long term requires sustainable food production. Agroecosystem Sustainability: Developing Practical Strategies covers topics that range from management practices specific to a particular region to more global efforts to develop sets of indicators of sustainability. It links social and ecological indicators of sustainability. From this foundation we can move towards the social and economic changes that promote sustainability in all sectors of the food system.
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