Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary

Edited by E. G Gregorich, L. W Turchenek, M. R Carter, D. A Angers 
CRC Press  2001  

Hardback  600 pp  ISBN 9780849331152      £66.00
  • Over 4,000 terms and definitions derived from sources in soil science, geology, geography, plant science, forestry, biochemistry, applied ecology, microbiology, remote sensing
  • Sixty detailed illustrations
  • Appendices include SI units, tables on soil classification and a soil texture diagram
  • Appropriate French term is given after the end of each definition
  • Handy index of all terms in the dictionary listed by subject area/discipline

The lingo of soil science is a language unto itself. Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary is a glossary of terms used in soil and environmental science, including terms from related disciplines. Designed for teachers, students, researchers and others interested or involved in environmental sciences related to soils, this compilation includes all terms and definitions from the current Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS) glossary as well as from various other sources such as the Soil Science Society of America and the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary defines terms accurately and clearly for professionals working in areas such as agronomy, building construction, civil engineering, forestry, environmental science and planning, geology, hydrology, petrology, and plant science.


  • Preface
  • Using the Dictionary
  • Dictionary (A-Z: English Terms with Equivalent French Terms)
  • English/French Index of Terms by Subject Area/Discipline
  • French/English Index of Terms by Subject Area/Discipline
  • References: Sources of Terms
  • References: Sources of Illustrations
  • Appendix A. Units
  • Table A.1 SI Prefixes
  • Table A.2 SI Base Units
  • Table A.3 Conversion Factors for SI and Non-SI Units
  • Appendix B. Soil Properties
  • Table B.1. Types and Classes of Soil Structure
  • Figure B.1. Type, Kind, and Classes of Soil Structure
  • Figure B.2. Soil Texture Classes
  • Appendix C. Geological Timescale
  • Table C.1 The Geological Timescale
  • Appendix D. Soil Classification
  • Table D.1. Canadian Soil Classification at Levels of Order, Great Group, and Subgroup
  • Table D.2. Correlation of Horizon Definitions and Designations
  • Table D.3. Correlation of U.S. and FAO Diagnostic Horizons with Canadian Equivalents
  • Table D.4. Taxonomic Correlation at the Canadian Order and Great Group Levels
  • Appendix E. Ecozones of Canada
  • Figure E.1 Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada

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