CRC Dictionary of Agricultural Sciences

Edited by Robert Alan Lewis 
CRC Press  2001  

Hardback  680pp  ISBN 9780849323270      £92.00
  • Bridges the gap among diverse branches of the agricultural sciences
  • Contains standardized definitions for terms, facilitating communication among the agricultural disciplines
  • Discusses terminology for a broad range of areas in agriculture from production agriculture to biotechnology

Contemporary agriculture is a wide-ranging field with its own unique language. As an aid for improving scientific communication for everyone from students to public decision-makers, the CRC Dictionary of Agricultural Sciences provides a comprehensive guide to the terminology of agriculture. It includes every area of agriculture, from traditional farming to environmental sciences to the latest developments in biotechnology and genetics.

The dictionary provides:

  • Approximately 15,000 terms
  • Extensive cross-referencing of closely related entries
  • Definitions include often-used variants of the principal meaning

More than just a compendium of terms, this dictionary presents clear, concise definitions in traditional dictionary entry format. From agroecology to wildlife biology, the CRC Dictionary of Agricultural Sciences establishes common ground between the various practitioners involved in agriculture, making interdisciplinary communications easier and more precise.

About the author

Dr. Lewis is a world-class scientist and renowned author and editor of numerous scientific papers and books written in English and German. His contributions include research and applications in ecology and agro-ecology; environmental science; environmental and agricultural technology; endocrinology; air pollution sciences; and environmental monitoring and specimen banking. Dr. Lewis has been an academic and government administrator in the United States and Germany and has developed and coordinated several programs of research that were national or international in scope.

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