Biology of Marine Birds

Edited by E. A Schreiber, Joanna Burger 
CRC Press  2001  

Hardback  744pp  ISBN 9780849398827      £66.00

  • A comprehensive reference to all aspects of seabird biology, behavior, and conservation
  • Extensive reference tables give you easy access to all types of data
  • The appendix lists the life-history characteristics, ranges and habitat of each species
  • References in each chapter provide an excellent guide to literature on the subject
  • Discussion of conservation concerns and pollutants and their effects on seabirds
  • Suitable as a junior to graduate level course book at institutions with a marine science program

Biology of Marine Birds provides the only complete summary of information about marine birds ever published. It both summarizes and analyzes their breeding biology, ecology, taxonomy, evolution, fossil history, physiology, energetics, and conservation.

The book covers four orders of marine birds: penguins (Sphenisciformes); albatross, shearwaters, petrels (Procellariiformes); pelicans, boobies, frigatebirds, tropicbirds, cormorants (Pelecaniformes); and gulls, terns, guillemots, auks (Charadriiformes - Families Laridae and Alcidae). Two summary chapters address the biology of shorebirds and wading birds and their lives in the marine environment.

This comprehensive book contains numerous summary tables that give you exhaustive information on various aspects of their life histories, breeding biology, physiology and energetics, and demography. It also discusses research techniques and future research needed, providing a guide to ornithologists and students for research projects.

Written by acknowledged experts in this field, Biology of Marine Birds is the ideal resource. The authors not only present known information, but provide new analyses and insights into marine bird biology. You will find no other book that covers all the major seabird groups and all the major topics with this depth of detail. Whether you are studying, researching, or managing marine environments, you will find yourself reaching for this resource repeatedly.


  • Seabirds in the Marine Environment, E.A. Schreiber and J. Burger
  • The Fossil Seabird Fossil Record and the Role of Paleontology in Understanding Seabird Community Structure, K.I. Warheit
  • Seabird Systematics and Distribution: A Review of Current Knowledge, M. de L. Brooke
  • Colonial Breeding in Seabirds, J.C. Coulson
  • Seabird Demography and Its Relationship with the Marine Environment, H. Weimerskirch
  • Foraging Behavior and Food of Seabirds, D.A. Shealer
  • Climate and Weather Effects on Seabirds, E.A. Schreiber
  • Breeding Biology, Life Histories and Life History-Environment Interactions in Seabirds, K.C. Hamer, E.A. Schreiber, and J. Burger
  • Site and Mate Choice in Seabirds: An Evolutionary Approach, J. Bried and P. Jouventin
  • Seabird Communication and Displays, J.B. Nelson and P.H. Baird
  • Energetics of Free-Ranging Seabirds, H.I. Ellis and G.W. Gabrielson
  • Seabird Reproductive Physiology and Energetics, G.C. Whittow
  • Chick Growth and Development in Seabirds, G.H. Visser
  • Water and Salt Balance in Seabirds, D.L. Goldstein
  • Effects of Chemicals and Pollution on Seabirds, J. Burger and M. Gochfeld
  • Interactions Between Fisheries and Seabirds, W.A. Montevecchi
  • Seabird Conservation, P.D. Boersma, J.A. Clark, and N. Hilgarth
  • Shorebirds in the Marine Environment, N. Warnock, M.A. Rubega, and C. Elphick
  • Wading Birds in the Marine Environment, P.C. Frederick
    Appendix 1: List of Seabird Species
    Appendix 2: Table of Seabird Species and Life History Characteristics

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