Environmental Challenges in the Mediterranean 2000-2050

Edited by Antonio Marquina 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  2004  

Hardbound  400 pp  ISBN 9781402019487      £175.00

Paperback  400 pp  ISBN 9781402019494      £60.00

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Madrid, Spain, 2-5 October 2002

The book stresses the six key structural factors that will affect future environmental policies in the Mediterranean region during the next fifty years: population growth, climate change, soil erosion and desertification, water scarcity, food production, and urbanization and pollution. The contributors point out the potential of all these problems as sources of violent conflict, their policy implications, and the possibilities for the development of preventive policies, based on cooperative strategies.

The interdisciplinary approach of the book makes it relevant and useful to a broad range of professionals, specialists and researchers.

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