The digital age and local studies

Dr Peter Reid 
Chandos  October 2003  

Paperback  200 pp  ISBN 9781843340515      £40.00

Hardback  200 pp  ISBN 9781843340522      £60.00

Examines the impact of recent electronic developments (particularly the Internet) on local studies librarianship, such as local, family and community history. Provides practical advice on the provision of web-based services for users. Such areas as e-geneaology and e-learning are covered. Includes examples of best-practice and shows how practical lessons can be learned from the experiences of the innovators in the field.

Key Features

  • Nothing comparable in print and has contemporary relevance
  • Increased recognition of the importance of local studies
  • Covers the electronic revolution which has not been addressed in this field

The Author

Dr Peter Reid is based at The Robert Gordon University, UK.


Practitioners in local studies departments, local heritage centres and associated museums or archive services, and students on library/ information science courses.


Introduction - local studies librarianship and digital/ electronic developments

Exploding the myth of parochialism - web-based resources that have been in local studies departments

E-reference and enquiry services for local studies - providing enquiry services as part of a web-based local studies service

Remote users and local materials - provision of greater access to local materials, including practical guidelines on the types of materials which should be made available electronically

E-genealogy and the library - how a library can optimise the use of its own genealogical materials as well as examining the most important external electronic resources for family history and show how these can be exploited in the library

E-collaboration and co-operation - guide to web-based collaboration and co-operation between local studies libraries and their staff with external local organisations

E-learning - creating resources to facilitate learning

Evaluation and appraisal - evaluation and appraisal of electronic resources - local studies materials and general examples from the entire reference and enquiry sphere

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