Setting up a new library & information service

Kirby Porter 
Chandos  October 2003  

Paperback  200 pp  ISBN 9781843340539      £40.00

Hardcover  200 pp  ISBN 978184334054 6      £60.00

Is intended as a guide for those people who have been charged with establishing a library or information service in their organisation. It is a practical guide to the steps that need to be taken, the people that will need to be dealt with and the procedures that will have to be adopted in order to bring the venture to a successful conclusion. Contains many practical tips and hints from the author.

Key Features

  • Deals with the whole process from start to finish and is based on sound principles that have worked in practice
  • Is easy to follow as a step-by-step guide
  • Is of value to both professional librarians and non-professional staff working in the field

The Author

Kirby Porter is currently employed as Principal Librarian for the Northern Ireland Civil Service and Head of Library Services for the Northern Assembly. He has developed libraries in various government departments, colleges and other organisation such as the Human Rights Commission.


The book is aimed at all librarians and informational professionals, and non-librarians responsible for library collections.


Why create a library service, purpose
First steps finding out about customers, involving customers
Information audit, finding out about what you have got, finding out about what the customer needs
Organising information, classification standard, cataloguing standards, copyright
Planning and implementation, library layout, library systems
Marketing the service
Review, performance indicators
Conclusion/things to look out for

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