The role of the academic librarian

Anne Langley, Edward Gray, K T L Vaughan 
Chandos  October 2003  

Paperback  200 pages  ISBN 978184334 0577      £40.00

Hardback  200 pages  ISBN 9781843340584      £60.00

Covers the practical side of being an academic librarian - a role that has undergone a large degree of change in recent years. Outlines and describes the skills necessary to succeed in these large, and often complex, organisations. Includes tools and techniques for an academic librarian for managing time, meetings, projects, publishing and research, communications (paper and electronic), the basics of supervision, and how to work in a large organisation. The impact of the growth of electronic formats on the role of the academic librarian are discussed in detail.

Key Features

  • Explains how, in practical terms, to stay organised, communicate successfully, network and navigate through an often politicised environment
  • Applies business practices to the field of librarianship
  • Shows how to use organisational behaviour techniques to manage yourself and your work
  • Provides a plan for moving up through the organisation

The Authors

Anne Langley is Head of the Chemistry Library at Duke University, USA. Edward Gray is Science and Engineering Librarian at Duke University; K T L Vaughan is User Services Librarian at the University of North Carolina, USA.


All librarians and informational professionals; graduate students in library science and administrators in academic libraries will also find it of interest.


Time management - the calendar; email

Organise - a filing system; using files to organise your email; finding a system that works

Communication - email (uses and etiquette); meetings; reports; technology skills; the role of listservs; staying current

Networking - making friends or enemies?; getting involved

Meetings - how to run them (agendas, facilitation); managing up and across; doing your homework

Collection development in the electronic world - vendors; licensing; serials, databases and bundling; managing a material budget

Public service in the electronic world - instruction tips; technology skills; basic pedagogy; communication tools

Moving up - publishing and research; the CV; professional involvement

Leadership - leadership basics; application to libraries

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