The strategic management of technology: A guide for library and information services

Baker, David Dr 
Chandos  Feb 2004  

Paperback  300 pages  ISBN 9781843340416      £40.00

Hardback  300 pages  ISBN 9781843340423      £60.00

Aimed at professionals within Library and Information Services (LIS), this book is about the management of technology in a strategic context. It aims to provide readers with the necessary principles, approaches and tools to respond effectively and efficiently to the constant development of new technologies, both in general and within the Library and Information Services profession in particular. It looks at the various aspects of strategy development and IT management, and reviews the key techniques for successful implementation of strategy and policy.

Key Features

  • Is written by a highly knowledgeable and wellrespected practitioner in the field
  • Draws on the author's wide-ranging practical experience of major strategy development and project management

The Author

Dr Baker is Principal of the College of St Mark and St John. He has lectured extensively, on an international basis, on library and information studies and has acted as a consultant to the World Bank, European Union and the British Council.


Staff at all managerial and supervisory levels within Library and Information Services, IT managers within LIS units and students of LIS at undergraduate and postgraduate level


Strategy and how it affects LIS work

Technology in a changing world: history of technology development and how it has affected LIS work

Key issues and problems: summary of the main issues regarding managing technology on a long term basis; what is long term?; how is obsolescence managed?; how do you future-proof?; what does making the right decision consist of?; is there ever a right decision?

The next ten years: trends in the types of technology LIS will face over the next ten years; future-proofing LIS

Different dimensions: discussion of the various elements of technology and technology management, i.e. technology plus environment and culture, and the various stakeholders. The different dimensions are explored and practical approaches to managing and measuring them is evaluated

Planning and management techniques: strategic planning and management within a technology context are described and evaluated, with reference to suitability based on practical usage: both successful and unsuccessful

Putting it all together: summary of the main ideas, concepts and approaches described in the book, together with a template for the successful strategic management of technology

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