World in Transition 3 - Towards Sustainable Energy Systems

German Advisory Council on Global Change 
Earthscan  2004  

Hardback  352pp  ISBN 9781853838828      £85.00

  • 2.4 billion people in developing countries need electricity; industrialised countries need to cut carbon emmissions by 80% to avoid severe climate change.
  • Leading scientists sets out how the world's energy systems can be reformed to eliminate energy poverty and to ensure climate protection.

The third volume of World in Transition underscores the urgent need to transform global energy systems so that the world's population has access to energy based on renewable sources.

This is necessary to liberate 2.4 billion people in developing countries from energy poverty. Such an approach would also yield a peace dividend by reducing dependence on regionally concentrated oil reserves. Experts from the German Advisory Council on Climate Change stress that such a transformation of energy systems is feasible and fundable if rapid and resolute action is taken in the coming two decades. To this end, they propose a road map with specific milestones.

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